3D Corporeal

In our workshops we make a wide variety of scenographic elements to order.

Corporeal letters and corporeal logos are the most inclusive option for your logo or text in a space.

Logo-El Paraguas

Corporeal lettering for signs and corporeal logos for companies

One of the most demanded corporeal letters by companies are the aluminium letters for business exteriors. There are also sandblasted methacrylate letters which are now very fashionable.

PVC lettering is also a very modern option that is increasingly in demand by companies to decorate corporate interiors and different spaces.

Corporeal letters are one of the most elegant options in our extensive catalogue. Perfect for companies in all fields, professional consultancies, architectural firms or public bodies.

Letters are the most classic and at the same time the most serious of the options. They offer a formal, elegant and exquisite company image…

Made of cork for weddings and events

We cannot forget the cork letters for weddings and events. Nowadays, the latter are obligatory at weddings, communions and family celebrations. This is an option for decorating the exterior or interior of the spaces where the event is held. At El Paraguas Events we offer letters of the highest quality.

Whether for the personal or professional aspect, the corporeal letters are totally versatile and adaptable to the tastes and needs of each individual and each company. Find your ideal lettering with us.